a few words about us

Nano Textile was established in 2013, immediately after a very successful R&D phase which was fully funded with a 12M EURO investment by the European Commission’s FP7 initiative.

NANO Textile has developed a breakthrough, single-step nano-coating process, which is done via an IP protected sono-chemistry reactor. The process, despite it’s innovation brilliancy, is a very cost effective and highly competitive process.

Our main objective, and the catalyst for our innovation, is to prevent the loss of unnecessary lives due to Hospital Acquired Infections.

Our unique and breakthrough single-step nano-coating process has proven itself to be the only viable anti-bacterial solution in the world for Hospitals due to the extreme long withstanding durability of the anti-bacterial properties and the limitless manufacturing abilities, allowing us to implement our technology into any kind of fabric, either man-made or natural, with absolutely no damage or alteration to the fabric’s original quality or color.

Nano Textile currently holds granted patents in Israel, the US, and the EU and holds patent pending requests in additional strategic markets around the world.

Although our main target is providing anti-bacterial nano-coating services to Hospital textiles manufacturers, our technology allows us to coat any kind of surface, from glass, to ceramics, to polymers, and implement not only anti-bacterial properties, but additional properties such as Magnetic, Electric conductivity and super-hydrophobic properties.

We welcome you to contact us and advance to the wonders of nano-coating.

Our Achievements

12m EURO in funding by the FP7 initiative of the European Comission

Unique and breakthrough sono-chemical nano-coating technology

Granted patents in the U.S, EU and Israel, with additional regions on the way

The only technology which can save millions of lives around the world