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May 2016, Israel – Nano Textile won the 2nd prize of the Israeli Contest in the Global Health Startups Contest held by Putuo Distric People’s Government, China. Our team went to China for the final competition. Read More




Nano-Textile : aiming to conquer Hospital- Aquired Infections. The Nano-Textile’s innovative technology can apply antibacterial properties to any kind of readymade fabric. Read more



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Nano Textile says it can make any fabric antibacterial. Nano Textile has developed a technology that can transform any fabric into one that kills bacteria

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I 24 news – Innovation Stories – Episode 36 (12/26/2016): i24 News discovered Nano-Textile, the first anti-bacterial fabric ever invented. 14 million people all around the world die from infections contracted during hospitalization every year. Using Nano-Textile fabric on bedding, scrubs and all materials can drastically lower that number. Press here to see the video



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June 2016, Israel –Yahoo Finance released an article about Nano Textile and introduced the innovation and importance of our technology. Read more




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June 2016, Israel – NRG divulged an item about Nano Textile to present the company, the technology and the unique innovation. (Article in Hebrew) Read more




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June 2016, Israel – Nano-Textile on Globes Israel.14 Jun, 2016. Israeli company Nano Textile has introduced an innovative technology that can transfer any type of fabric to one that kills bacteria. READ ARTICLE