Our competitive advantage

The world is filled with companies offering anti-bacterial textile solutions. Some of them like Dow, Sanitized and Cupron even offer great solution which are the result of years of extensive R&D. However, all of those solution suffer from major drawbacks, which prevents them from becoming a viable mass market solutions in terms of production abilities, the anti-bacterial durability, effectiveness and safety of the technology.

NANO Textile Ltd is the only company in the world which offer a flawless anti-bacterial coating solution, and that is for the following reasons:

  •  We treat readymade fabric and not fibers
  • We can treat any kind of fabric: Synthetic/polymers, Cotton, Silk.. We are fabric type agnostic
  • The coating process does not damage at all the fabrics quality and does not alter at all the fabrics color
  • The embedded nano-particles cannot leave the treated fabric
  • The durability of the anti-bacterial properties of the treated fabrics is extreme. Fabrics that underwent our anti-bacterial coating process have been tested and found to remain 100% anti-bacterial even after 65 washing cycles at 92 degree celsius and 100 washing cycles at 75 degree celcius
  • The process is highly cost effective and competitive
  • The technology is a “green” and safe technology


Currently the 2 available technologies on the market are:

  • Extrusion (embedment of anti-bacterial metal oxides onto polymer fibers)
  • Chemical binders (liquid additive to the manufacturing process containing anti-bacterial metal oxides and other chemicals which gets attached to the fabrics)

Drawbacks of the Extrusion process:

  • Limited only to polymers
  • Highly expensive
  • A lot of the embedded particles are not effective as they are embedded in the interior of the fiber. Those could be counted as waist in production

Drawbacks of Chemical binder process:

  • Very low durability to washing cycles
  • Contaminating the environment in many cases, as the chemical binder gets detach from the fabric, bit by bit with every washing cycles into the water and pollutes the environment
  • Majority of the chemical binders solutions use Silver which safety is controversial
  • The chemical binders contain a lot of unnatural additives (as contrary to NANO Textile’s solution which embed only the metal oxide nano-particles)

NANO Textile’s technology was developed exclusively by Professor Aharon Gedanken and Dr. Ilana Perelshtein of Bar–Ilan University in Israel. Both are globally renowned chemists and experts on nano-technology and sono-chemistry.

Aside from Anti-Bacterial textile coating our unique single-step nano-coating process allows us to coat any kind of surface, from Glass, to ceramics to polymers, and we have additional coating applications we’ve worked on such as Magnetic, Electric conductive and Super-hydrophobic.