Our Main Mission

Professor Aharon Gedanken says he dreams of a day when hospitals are infection-free. “We are getting closer to the dream,” he says of his EU-funded project, which demonstrates how textiles treated with nanoparticles can deter deadly bacteria.

3 million patients are infected during hospitalization worldwide every year.

Although infection control programs have helped fight this growing problem, the numbers remain significant and troubling. As bacteria become increasingly resistant to antibiotics, the hunt for new solutions is becoming increasingly urgent.

Nano-textile aims to create a cost effective, environmentally friendly, and universal solution to this issue.

The project was so successful that Bar-Ilan University in Israel, where Gedanken is based, has patented the technology to turn textiles into bacteria killers.

Two machines were built during SONO and are currently in operation.

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First inspired by a challenge to create antibacterial socks, it’s likely we will be hearing much more about antibacterial nanoparticles in the future.