Our Technology

Our technology is based on a very unique single-step sono-chemical coating process.

Our technological abilities allows us to embed nano-particles onto any kind of substrate, in an irreversible manner, unable to leave the substrate.


Core advantages to our process:

  • Simple, one step process
  • Quick
  • Cost effective
  • Applicable to any kind of substrate
  • Extreme strong anchor of the nano-particles provides extreme durability
  • Does not damage or alter any of the substrate properties
  • Allows mass production – scalable
  • “Green” and safe coating method
  • Ability to control the particles size embedded to the substrate
  • No need for a binders

Core advantages of Zinc Oxide for the anti-bacterial properties:

  • Environmentally friendly material, considered GRAS
  • Very strong anti-bacterial properties
  • Withstands harsh processing and very durable
  • Does not alter the Fabric’s color of damage the clarity of glass


For the future . . .

While we are focusing on anti-bacterial coating now, there are many areas in which we can take this product:

  • crease resistant
  • stain resistant
  • water repellency/absorbancy
  • UV protection
  • Fire resitance
  • Electric resistance